Health & Medical

Courses for those who are licensed or working in the health sector as a care provider.

The MediYoga Institute has been training health professionals in medical yoga since 1997.

MediYoga as a method - MOSI® is an evidence-based and standardized intervention developed together with academia and health care through research and proven experience.

The method is effective, patient-safe and cost-effective and is currently used in 373 health care units in Sweden. 

About education for health

When you as a healthcare provider train in MediYoga-MOSI, you receive a certification in an evidence-based yoga intervention that is well implemented in Swedish healthcare.

The certification includes access to the latest research, supervisor's manual, support materials and digital tools for patients and the opportunity for regular knowledge updates.






MediYoga-MOSI - Basic training

MediYoga-MOSI The training is manual-based and offers theory and practice based on 6 structured and standardized programs containing conscious presence, breathing exercises, movement exercises and meditation exercises.

You will learn the individualization and dosage of techniques/exercises/programs and the application of used individual exercises, sequences, programs and protocols.

Meetings include theory in methodology, research/evidence, breathing, stress, pedagogy and meditation. The training is based on practical practice and own work linked to the theory parts as well as written homework which is discussed in groups during the teacher-led meetings.

After completing the training, the participant becomes MOSI certified and authorized to supervise patients in MediYoga-MOSI.

Advanced training

Update meeting is regularly offered 1-2 times/year via Zoom as an opportunity to update knowledge.

In-depth modules is offered as a specialization and adaptation for different diagnostic areas such as Cancer, Postcovid, Cardiovascular, Trauma/PTSD, Mental Health, Elderly Care/Dementia. 

Workshops are offered in different fields of knowledge such as Philosophy, Gastrointestinal Health, Vagus, Gong, Grief, Nidra etc. 

Said by former students

Maria L.

Inspiring and energising What a physically pleasurable experience


Saleha H.

Educational and professional


Petra M.

Wonderful to finally be on my journey to becoming a media teacher and hopefully a media therapist. Being online worked well beyond expectations. I was even able to experience benefits from it. Thanks for today! 🙏🏻


Anki B.

Considering that web-based learning is not the usual medium, lena did really well. Clear, explained well, waited in and really patient. Thank you


Ladan M.

Fantastic 😃


Linda N.

Absolutely wonderful


Annci S.

Inspiring & rewarding course start with a nice course leader


Annelie H.

Feel that there was good structure and exercises. The fact that it wasn't great is more about me, who needs to land more.


Sandra W.

Incredibly knowledgeable and educational


Katarina H.

First day of the course. Very satisfied!


Theresia L.

Informative and well presented. Safe and inspiring.


Eva E.

Above expectation for being remote.


Lotta F.

Started the first course to become an instructor. Pär is both a clear and knowledgeable teacher.-Very good course!!!


Helena N.

Very educational. I felt very energized and want to get started right away


Marie A.

Good image quality and clear instructions