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Swedish yoga in focus according to C20 recommendations

During the year, the Swedish MediYoga Institute has contributed to the policy work of the C20 group IHH (Integrative Holistic Health). 

By combining scientific research and proven experience, the MediYoga Institute has over 20 years developed a framework that constitutes an evidence-based intervention in Medical Yoga, called MOSI (MediYoga Of Sweden Intervention). 

MOSI is the only evidence-based yoga intervention implemented in Swedish healthcare in more than 360 healthcare units.

The C20 presents in its recommendations the importance of integrating evidence-based yoga and mindfulness into the modern healthcare system. The Mediyoga Institute are pioneers in this field and since 1997 have dedicated themselves to combining medical research and holistic practice to create an intervention that benefits both healthcare providers and patients on many levels.

"Sweden is considered a world leader in integration and many countries are impressed by the Swedish model." says Pär Krutzén, CEO of the MediYoga Institute.

By providing training for healthcare professionals, participating in research studies and developing digital tools for home practice, the MediYoga Institute aims to create high-quality, evidence-based solutions for patients. They have also identified the need to define terminology and frameworks for mindfulness, yoga and meditation to ensure that these tools are delivered in a consistent, safe and scientific way to patients.

The MediYoga Institute is determined to continue to strengthen the scientific basis of Medical Yoga and Mindfulness together with academia and the health sector. 

"We are proud to be part of the growing movement towards a holistic and patient-centered model of care, and we look forward to continuing to partner with the healthcare sector to deliver yoga and mindfulness from a scientific perspective to promote wellness and health for our citizens"says Pär Krutzén, CEO of the MediYoga Institute.

The MediYoga Institute welcomes the C20's recommendations, which are fully in line with the Institute's work and also a valuable step forward in strengthening the integration of holistic health in the health system in general.

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