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MediYoga for Atrial Fibrillation: New Research Provides Stronger Evidence - Improving Life for Heart Patients.

In a new research study published in IJC Heart & Vasculature, a Swedish research team emphasizes the significant weight...


New research shows that yoga training is most effective in positively impacting the brain's cognitive abilities in older individuals.

A new study published in the European Review of Aging and Physical Activity presents that yoga training can prevent those...


Swedish yoga in focus according to C20 recommendations

During the year, the Swedish MediYoga Institute has been a contributor to the C20 group IHH's (Integrative Holistic Health) p...


Swedish Mediyoga Institute invited to the C20 to participate in the formulation of global policy recommendations to the G20.

The MediYoga Institute is invited to the C20 - Integrated Holistic Health Working Group to share its world-leading...


Experiences of offering digital media yoga to patients in Region Östergötland

Jonna Kjellberg is a physiotherapist and yoga teacher who leads mediyoga courses as rehabilitation for cancer patients in ...


Men with cancer get their own rehab group

On Wednesday 20 January, special talk therapy and yoga groups for men with cancer will start at Uppsala University Hospital....


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