MediYoga as a method (MOSI®) is a quality-assured and standardised intervention developed through research since 1998. The method is effective, patient-safe and cost-efficient and is currently used in 365 care units in Sweden.

Published research on MediYoga shows reduced stress, reduced worry and anxiety, reduced pain, reduced blood pressure, increased quality of life, increased quality of sleep and cost-effectiveness.

The starting point is a holistic and salutogenic approach based on the bio-psychosocial model.

Medical Yoga

Medical yoga is a collective name
for yoga used for various medical purposes.

Because a wide range of practices are exhibited in yoga, medical yoga can look many different ways.


A medical and therapeutic form of yoga.

Founded in Sweden in 1997 - the original Medical Yoga. 

Based on the classical kundalini tradition with elements from TKM and Ayurveda.

MediYoga as a method MOSI®

MediYoga Of Sweden Intervention

An evidence-based approach.

Standardisation of MediYoga with a focus on structure, quality, effectiveness, safety and patient security.

To enable continued implementation in healthcare and the development of high quality research. 


- An Evidence-Based Approach

MediYoga as a method (MOSI®) is designed for use in Swedish health care as prevention, intervention and rehabilitation, often as a complement and adjunct to standard treatment.

The method consists of standardised programmes containing several tools that are trained methodically, individually or in combination;

  • Mindfulness
  • Breathing training
  • Physical Activity
  • Meditation

The training can be done by anyone, even those with physical limitations. The training is individually tailored to your conditions and needs.

The aim of the training is to improve the quality of life through increased physical and psychological function.