MediYoga Step 1 - Start 29 August - HT23 - Gothenburg

MOSI - MediYoga of Sweden Institute

MOSI - MediYoga of Sweden Institute

Welcome to train as a MediYoga Step 1 Instructor in Gothenburg!

  • Training date: 29/8, 12/9, 3/10, 31/10, 21/11, 12/12
  • Location: Central Gothenburg
  • Times: 09.00-16.00 Tuesdays
  • Price: 14.850:- incl. VAT

Welcome to contact Lena Thorselius if you have any questions! Tel: 0708-799707 mail:

The training offers basic theoretical and practical knowledge of MediYoga as a method based on 3 standardised programmes (MOSI Basic Programmes 1-3). Structured programmes that include mindful presence, breathing exercises, gentle physical exercises and meditation.

Theoretical review is interspersed with group training and discussions. Topics include methodology and theory of MediYoga as well as stress, breathing, meditation and compassion.

The training consists of six scheduled sessions.
Individual practice between meetings and theoretical assignment.

After completing the training and passing the assignments, you will become a certified MediYoga Instructor, certified in MOSI and qualified to lead groups and individual sessions in your work with patients. You will also automatically become a member of the MediYoga Association of Sweden.

Digital course material included:
- Compendium for the instructor
- Support material for patients
- App with audio and video

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