MediYoga-MOSI - Instructor training - Distance learning - Start September 3, 2024

Picture of MOSI - MediYoga of Sweden Institute

MOSI - MediYoga of Sweden Institute

A warm welcome to the MediYoga-MOSI certified distance learning instructor course!

Training dates:

  • 3/9
  • 24/9
  • 15/10
  • 5/11
  • 19/11
  • 3/12

Study design:

The course is conducted over 13 weeks with 6 mandatory meetings via Zoom. Missed sessions can be made up through filming. Between meetings, the student should set aside time for their own training (at least 10 minutes/day).


Distance learning via Zoom


09:00 – 15:00


17.850 SEK including VAT

Responsible teacher:

Pär Krutzén - - 0768-954258

About Education:

This is a unique training that combines theoretical and practical knowledge of the evidence-based mindfulness and yoga intervention - MediYoga-MOSI - well implemented in healthcare.

The intervention is based on mindfulness, breathing exercises, movement exercises and meditation exercises. During the sessions, theoretical presentations are interspersed with group training and discussions.

The training is manual-based which provides support for the application, adaptation and dosage of different exercises, sequences, programs or protocols for optimal individualization and support for evaluation.

Target audience:

The course is aimed at several different professional groups in health care, such as psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychotherapists, nurses, doctors, counselors, etc.

Course content:

  • Basic theory, methodology
  • Research and evidence
  • Conscious Presence
  • Body awareness and compassion
  • Respiratory physiology
  • Stress physiology
  • Pedagogy and the role of the instructor
  • Meditation

Aims and objectives:

The aim of the training is that you will be able to use MediYoga-MOSI in your work with various medical conditions as a supportive and complementary treatment:

  • Leading groups
  • Supporting patients individually
  • be able to explain the effects and mechanisms of yoga training
  • Be able to describe the current evidence on yoga.
  • Adapting proven training programs

Digital course material included:

  • Supervisor's manual
  • Support materials for patients
  • App with audio and video


Yes, via digital certification exam that is valid for three years, after which the exam needs to be rewritten and updated.

The certification includes access to the latest updated materials, including the trainer's manual, support materials and digital tools for patients.


In this course you will be both certified in MOSI and certified in MediYoga.

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