MediYoga Instructor - Step 2 - Sthlm - Start February 11 - VT24

MOSI - MediYoga of Sweden Institute

MOSI - MediYoga of Sweden Institute

Welcome to train for MediYoga Step 2 - physically on site in Stockholm!

  • Training date: 11/2, 3/3, 25/3, 28/4, 26/5 and 30/6
  • Location: Studio Mind Body Balance, Stora Mossens Backe 14, Bromma (T-bana Stora Mossen, green line)
  • Times: 09.00-16.00
  • Price: 15.850:- incl. VAT

You are welcome to contact the responsible trainer Lena Gummesson at alt. 0706-212752


The Stage 2 training offers a broader toolbox of in-depth theory and practice.

The participant gets more tools in mindfulness, breathing exercises, movement exercises and meditation exercises as well as practice in organizing courses.

The sessions include in-depth theory on breathing, mindfulness, meditation, self-awareness and yogic philosophy.

Like Step 1, the training is based on practical practice and personal work that is linked to the theoretical parts. Group discussions are an important part of the sessions.

The training consists of six scheduled sessions.
Individual practice between meetings and theoretical assignment.

After completing the course and passing the assignments, you become a certified MediYoga Instructor Stage 2 and have an in-depth knowledge of setting up courses, personalizing and leading MediYoga individually or in groups.

Digital course material included:
- Compendium for the instructor
- Support material for patients
- App with audio and video

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