Swedish yoga in focus according to C20 recommendations

During the year, the Swedish MediYoga Institute has been a contributing player in the C20 group IHH's (Integrative Holistic Health) policy work. By combining scientific research and proven experience, the MediYoga Institute has for 20 years developed a framework that constitutes an evidence-based intervention in Medical Yoga, called MOSI (MediYoga Of Sweden Intervention). MOSI is the only evidence-based yoga intervention that [...].

Swedish Mediyoga Institute invited to the C20 to participate in the formulation of global policy recommendations to the G20.

The MediYoga Institute is invited to the C20 - Integrated Holistic Health Working Group to share its world-leading expertise in the implementation of yoga and mindfulness in health care. Internationally, Sweden is considered a pioneering country in the field through the experience gained since 1997 in collaboration between the MediYoga Institute, academia and the health care system. MediYoga [...]