Experiences of offering digital media yoga to patients in Region Östergötland

Jonna Kjellberg is a physiotherapist and yoga teacher who leads media yoga courses as rehabilitation for cancer patients in Region Östergötland with the help of stimulus funds from the RCC. Patients can participate either physically on site at the RCC Southeast premises in Linköping, or participate digitally via link. Mediyoga is a gentle and therapeutic form of yoga, designed for healthcare. It is very [...]

Men with cancer get their own rehab group

On Wednesday 20 January, special talk therapy and yoga groups for men with cancer will start at the University Hospital. The self-help course, which is free of charge, is given on Wednesdays at 3pm at the Oncology Clinic. Talk therapy and yoga have been available as a self-help course at the University Hospital since 2006. To date, more than 800 cancer patients have attended the five-week course, which in addition to yoga sessions includes cognitive talk therapy, dietary advice and information sessions at [...]

They test Medical Yoga via the web

Can distance yoga help heart failure patients reduce stress and increase physical activity? A research team from the cardiology clinic and intensive care unit at Linköping University Hospital is investigating this question. "As far as we know, our project is the first in the world to test teleyoga, i.e. medical yoga led by a yoga therapist at a distance via the web. We hope that [...]

Yoga transforms atrial fibrillation care

Researcher and nurse Maria Wahlström is now presenting her doctoral thesis on MediYoga for patients with atrial fibrillation. MediYoga gives patients an increased quality of life, lowered blood pressure and heart rate," she says. Maria Wahlström has been conducting research on MediYoga since 2009. It is a calm form of yoga that consists of [...]