Yoga for health care

The MediYoga Institute is a non-profit association and a non-profit organization.

The Institute's work to develop and integrate evidence-based yoga into the Swedish healthcare system has been ongoing since 1997.

The work is based on the evidence model and takes place in collaboration with academia and the health sector.

MediYoga is currently used in 375 health care units in Sweden.

Published research on MediYoga shows reduced stress, reduced worry and anxiety, reduced pain, reduced blood pressure, increased quality of life, increased quality of sleep and cost-effectiveness.


- Evidence-based Yoga

MOSI® (MediYoga Standardized Intervention) is MediYoga as a well-defined and evidence-based method. A functional and quality-assured intervention developed through research and proven experience since 1997. MOSI® is effective, patient safe and cost effective.

Training in MOSI

The training consists of a structured combination of Conscious Presence, Breathing, Movement and Meditation. The aim of the training is to improve the quality of life through increased physical and psychological function.


Breathing training

Physical activity


Training in conscious observation, non-judgement and acceptance.

Breathing exercises for improved breathing patterns, increased physical and mental function.

Gentle movement exercises in coordination with breathing, increased mobility, strength and function.

Meditation exercises in focused attention, open monitoring and compassion.

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Health care units

MediYoga is offered as a complement to standard treatment in Health & Medical Care with very good experience. Talk to your healthcare provider!

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Latest news & press

29 Sep 2023

MediYoga for Atrial Fibrillation: New Research Provides Stronger Evidence - Improving Life for Heart Patients.

In a new research study published in IJC Heart & Vasculature, a Swedish research team emphasizes the significant value of MediYoga as a complementary therapy. . .

14 Sep 2023

New research shows that yoga training is most effective in positively impacting the brain's cognitive abilities in older individuals.

A new study published in the European Review of Aging and Physical Activity presents that yoga exercise can prevent dementia and is more effective than cow... .

31 Aug 2023

Swedish yoga in focus according to C20 recommendations

During the year, the Swedish MediYoga Institute has contributed to the policy work of the C20 group IHH (Integrative Holistic Health). By providing . . .

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