MediYoga of Sweden Institute

MediYoga Institutet, founded in Sweden in 1997, is Scandinavia's leading research and educational institute in medical and therapeutic yoga.

The Institute's vision is a health-promoting, aware and sustainable society. 

The Institute's work is based on a scientific perspective and evidence-based practice.

The MediYoga Institute's organisation consists of three legs - Research, Education and E-Health.


- An Evidence-Based Approach

MediYoga as a method (MOSI®) is a quality-assured and standardized intervention developed through research since 1998. The method is effective, patient-safe and cost-effective and is currently used in 357 health care units in Sweden.

Published research on MediYoga shows reduced stress, reduced worry and anxiety, reduced pain, reduced blood pressure, increased quality of life, increased quality of sleep and cost-effectiveness

The training consists of

The training consists of a structured combination of Conscious Presence, Breathing, Movement and Meditation. The aim of the training is to improve the quality of life through increased physical and psychological function.


Breathing training

Physical activity


Training in conscious observation, non-judgement and acceptance.

Breathing exercises for improved breathing patterns, increased physical and mental function.

Gentle movement exercises in coordination with breathing, increased mobility, strength and function.

Meditation exercises in focused attention, open monitoring and compassion.

How can we help you?


We have trained instructors all over Sweden. All certified instructors have a medical qualification - Get in touch with one today

Health care units

MediYoga is offered as a complement to standard treatment in Health & Medical Care with very good experience. Talk to your healthcare provider!

Get started with your home training

Simple, accessible & efficient

1. Download our app to your mobile or tablet.

2. Talk to a certified instructor for guidance and customisation.

3. Start exercising for better health and less stress! 

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